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wild deuce

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Name the truckers who have gone out of business (since you have been in trucking) and let me know if the company is union or non union... I'll go first Brother's and Sister's...Blue Mule's thread gave me the idea to do this...Bless You BlueMule!!! Trucking company 'Norwalk Truck Lines' 'year 1968' (union)...bought by Yellow, Preston 151 line....your turn Bros...sis's...

Jack Knife

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the ones i have worked for

thurston (NU)
standard trucking (U)
cf (U)
service transport (NU)
super transport (NU)


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Mushroom - union
McLean- Union
Lattavo Brothers- Union
CF- Union
Eastern- Union
Duff Truck Lines- Union

Gone. I think all trucking companies were union back then.

rockford files

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I worked at an outfit where the Dad died and one of the worthless sons embezzled a quarter of a million out of the coffers for his gambling addiction. They soon closed. Does this count?

Cab Lizzard

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ICX - Union
Trans- Con- Union
Salt Creek- Union
System 99- Union
Whitfield- Union
ANR- Garrett- Union
Union Pacific Motor Freight-Union
Souther Pacific Motor Freight- Union


Leeway - union
smith transport - union
point express - union
cw ( central wisconsin) - union
emd - eastern motor dispatch
wbw express (wheeling barnesville woodsfield)
suburban motor freight - union
ccc trucking
columbus chigago express

wild deuce

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you are my brothers / sisters (all)

Keep going, don't stop...Bluemule,,,started this...I am only keeping it going.:USA:


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USF Red Star (U)
USF Dugan & Bestway (NU)
APA Transport (U)
G.O.D (NU)
Jevic (NU)
Plymouth Rock (U)
Howards Express (U) - they decertified/soldout and now operate as a NU truckload outfit w/ contractors
CF (U)


What about ABF and Carolina? They also took concessions.

What the (bleep)!?

I stood out in the picket line and they still worked. They are STILL in business and making money.

So....Uhhhh....what is the point???? Please educate me?
I have in my hands right now a list of the Companies from the 80's to 2004. I will scan the list and post it asap./ It is staggering.... This list does not include many WHITE PAPER Contract Companies that died too. MANY MANY MORE all UNION members
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