NBA 2018


If Boston can get healthy they are the obvious favorites. I think Phili will be much better. But the Cavs ain’t out of this. Still need to trade JR Smith and Kyle Korver. Get younger and run more. Get Sexton some playmakers. He’s gonna be a fun dude. Has a lot of skills. The pick and pop game with Kevin Love will be awesome. Would be nice to see some screen and roll with Tristan too. Will be interesting dynamic with Bron gone.

And of course. We are all playing for second place. Golden State has this. That ain’t fair. Not even a little.
Cavs not starting out as good as I hoped. Kevin Love already flaking out over the stress of being the man with LeBron gone.
Kevin Love with a surgery and out maybe two months. Cavs getting beat bad nightly. Man things got ugly FAST.
New plan. Cavs lose every game and take that kid from Duke. That mutha frakker is the next LeBron. WOW
LeBron comes home Wednesday night. He's already built the Lakers into winners. And the Cavs have completely fallen apart. What a difference one guy makes.
Moved Hill and Dekker. Some how got a future first round pick. LOL the NBA is weird. Cavs still selling. Gonna take one these kids from Duke to pair with Sexton and rebuild.
LeBron got the coach fired, and Magic quit. Well, they better win the championship next year. If they don't it's all his fault. Good job, LeBron. Idiot.
And the NBA playoffs have been the opposite of the NHL playoffs. Ugly series. Bad officiating. Horrible blow outs. Just uninteresting. The best team lost what is supposed to be it's best player and it doesn't even matter. It's not even a good story. And after another great March Madness. The NBA just seems like a let down.
And the NBA finals were boring. The best team had all it's best players hurt. Worst case scenario for the NBA. Just bleh.