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Discussion in 'XPO Logistics' started by Blacknight, Aug 18, 2010.

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    I have been with the company 5 months and I need some badly needed advice. I was hit by drunken driver and I dragged their car under my first trailer 600 yards when I was running line haul and broke my neck. I have been off since May. When I go back in one to two months on light duty will I be able to continue working once I go to full duty? Also what light duty assignments do they put you on?
    I appreciate any imput on my situation thank you.
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    Well, when and if you are released to full duty status, you would fall in where your seniority lets you and according to your JSP that you filled out at the beginning of the year. Now about light duty, it all depends on what restrictions they have on you. You could be doing paperwork, answering phones or picking up trash. Can't tell you where you are going to be since every service center is different on what they have available. If nothing is available, they have to pay you until you can return to full duty status, well that is how it is in CA anyway. Good luck and welcome back.

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