Central Transport | New Ct Linehaul Driver


TB Lurker
As a new driver for CT what kind of bid would i get? Lifetime bids make me think a new guy would get a crap run if he gets a run at all. Would i pretty much just be a dock worker? Saw a mid west CT guy on here say that his terminal require 14hrs of dock a week no matter how far your bid run is. Spoke to a recruiter today but I'm aware that recruiters make things sound better than they are or will be. He said id only be hitting the dock for 3 hrs a night max. At 24.50 an hour and the runs are paid at a flat rate not hourly. Short runs pay 50-60$ each way and i could be doing multiple runs. Anyways tho whats life like at CT for a new linehaul bottom of the totem pole driver? TIA
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