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1. On September 28, 2018, 4,176 restricted shares of Mr. Moshier's Company stock, granted September 28, 2017, vested. On September 28, 2018, Mr. Moshier automatically surrendered 1,790 of the 4,176 newly-vested shares to the Company to satisfy the tax withholding obligation triggered upon the September 28th vesting. The automatic surrender of newly-vested shares is the Company's default process for paying tax withholding obligations triggered upon the vesting of restricted stock.

so he got what, ruffly 305,000. for one year of being president of npme, guess in his pension, or maybe he cashed out, this plus his salary for being pres. of npme...what has he done for npme?? we are operateing, worse, now than ever in our 86 year history!!!people are quiting, management and teamsters at alarming rates...short handed, just about every where, if we are even profitable, , I guarantee you its easy to make money in LTL...cause we destroy as much freight as we day is by luck, any more...and what do you hear??? well the other companys are just as bad...the real npme, didn't care what other companys did or didn't do , they operated like a well oiled machine, as corny as that sounds...the busy and more swamped we got, the better we nothing but excuses for why always failing to deliver...they jump up and down and say we got a quest for quality award this year....they were mentioned in 8th place for expitated carriers....guess a different world today, 8th place wasn't something I would have ever told anybody!!!in fairness, dont blame mr. moshier for what he inherited, this was all put in motion by the person he replaced and his vp of ops....but we have one, beautiful, high tech web site....unfortunately, that will never pick up, load and deliver the freight....a very simple description of what this business really is..
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