Yellow | New York State Teamsters benefit fund (pension updates)

Has anyone else seen the headline online where are wonderful board of directors lost 5 million to some hedgefund it says bulgaro is suing to try and get the money back.
Aren't these idiots just precious! They're so stupid they'll probably spend 10 Million in lawyers fees to get 5 Million back. I think its time for this fund, our fund, to be completely audited by an outside auditor with the fund having no idea of who the audit firm is and complete audits on all board members also. Follow the money and see where it goes.
WE need pension reform,or someone who knows what they are doing

And people wonder why I am retiring early. The way the pension funds are going, they'll be out of money in five years
Are board members are robbing us blind making changes to benifit themselves and their buddies. They have the keys to the bank and are not afraid to rob it .... We will not forget this . VOTE THESE THIEFS OUT '''''
This time they screwed most of the members real good I hope to think the members are smart enough to get rid of them when we get the chance. As if last years special change to allow the driver trainers to work as many hours as they want after ritirement wasnt a big enough slap in the face