SEFL | nice raise

You are not a driver. You are leadership. I Don’t believe most leadership. Y’all can spin what I say or call me a liar all you want. I’m trying to help us all by telling you you’d better fix this problem or it’s going to cost you drivers. I guess y’all think we are a dime a dozen and easily replaceable. How’s that working out for xpo? Ask any of my customers what they think about xpo and listen to them slam them. New driver every week. Can’t get the freight delivered intact. Can’t get picked up.
get out of your bunker and ask some questions and you will see what I’m talking about.
Leadership?? Help us all?? I’m not sure you are even a driver at SEFL as off basis as you are. How about not running us as late on all of these swaps? How about stop asking us to work the dock? I’m not sure what company you work for where you are a driver and you are talking about hours right now. If leadership is on this board, stop asking people to work 55+ hours or work off schedule and we will retain drivers. Go troll another board LTL
st77 , i really dont know , but you know there a few of these kinda guys at every terminal . Ill be here 24 years next month and ive seen these types come an go . be safe out there.
Trucking is mixed, ODFL after 60, R&L no OT, Saia after 45, Union companies after 8 for city, FedEx/XPO after 8. Line haul for most companies is mileage and see no OT ( even at union carriers) . I don’t think Averitt or AAA Cooper pay OT. Up north Duie is after 45, DAYTON AFTER 40 , Pitt Ohio is straight pay 1st 3 years then OT after 40, Ward is no OT. It’s all over the place , forget about truckload and dedicated operations.
Pitt now pays OT after 40 from day one