FedEx Freight | No am road runs in Dallas on 4-8 24 due to the eclipse.

I told my shop that the lenses on my tractor were scratched and faded and asked to be changed. It took about 2 weeks, but they did it. Anyone else tried this?
We have been told to put in the write up that it is a safety issue, but with most of our fleet at 900k and more they don't like to put money into the trucks for frivolous reasons.
I’ve put one out of service before because of the headlights being so filmed up. Driving with 2 candles for headlights. F that. I’m city now so just as long as the truck starts I'm good. The road guy can fix it . J/K:lmao:
It goes with the territory. A city driver doesn’t care about the lumens of the headlights. Road drivers don’t care if your city trailer gets swept out.
There comes a time in life all Trucking Company Suits and Shop People become frivolous.

They **** away good drivers who wont drive :shit:ty unfixed equipment.
If the shop would just put a coat of lense protection when the truck was new they would stay clear. I did my anniversary truck when I got it and never had an issue with the lense dulling in the 500000 I kept it.
I'm not one to defend mgmt, but this might actually be a smart move. Those in the direct line of the eclipse will have to deal with thousands of idiots looking up at the sky and not where they are going. traffic and accidents will be crazy that day, just sayin
Texas has banned OS & OW permits on this day.
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