SAIA | North Atlanta Terminal

I seen job openings for 202 Damacus Rd. Calhoun GA. Is this the North Atlanta Terminal that I've been hearing about?
No, North Atlanta is in Buford between I-85 and I-985. NWA is the code for a Calhoun terminal. It listed as northwest Atlanta. But it doesn't show any details.
Any ideas on when the Buford terminal will be opening? Will there really be any linehaul out of Buford, considering it's location?

I heard sometime by Feb 2022, but I'm not in the southeast and things happen. Anyone?
Yeah they got the building up and looks like a small shop from what I see from the interstate just not completely finished yet they had a couple job posted on the website for Buford
Isn’t that property near the mall of Georgia? Any concerns about traffic?
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