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North Ga /ATL

Discussion in 'PFG' started by Ricky Bobby, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. Ricky Bobby

    Ricky Bobby Member

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    I have an opportunity to work for PFG/Roma...does anyone on here work there , what am I going to expect starting out here , 1st year earnings ect.......
  2. DonRobbie

    DonRobbie Active Member

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    PFG is split up into lots of different operating companies (generally where they've bought out a smaller company) so it's probably going to vary from place to place. I work for PFG in Illinois and I gross about $1k a week (working about 46 hours).
  3. maverickbubba

    maverickbubba Active Member

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    I work at PFG Lester Lebanon,Tn. I work about 55hrs and should make around 55 this year.
  4. Chicken_Man

    Chicken_Man Member

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    PFG in Oakwood or PFG in Austell? Oakwood is day cabs home everynight, Austell is running teams with sleepers and they do chain accounts. I believe it is Wendy's and Zaxby's. I have a friend that went to work there, he says he likes it ok and the money is decent...at least a grand a week is what he told me he is making.
  5. grocerythrower

    grocerythrower I live Here

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    At this point in my life I would opt for the teams, I wish Sysco had them and I could bid that direction, especially if I could pick a guy I trust and trusted me, 3000-4000 cases in a 5 day work week is getting to be old news, pick Austell Ricky Bobby!

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