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Not As Described

Discussion in 'Wal-Mart Drivers' started by John johnson, Jul 16, 2019.

  1. John johnson

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    Ok going to put out my onboarding experience so far. Would like some feedback from other drivers please
    Bentonville was tough but a learning experience. Made it through in three days and was excited that I was going to work for such a driver focused company. They talked the talk and walked the walk at Bentonville at least.
    Get back to my DC to start the training. 2 days with mentor where he drove the truck and I acted luke a sponge and asked questions. Followed by 2 days when the mentor would be the passenger and qould help me get used to the Walmart way. After that I would be released and on my own way. During the mentor training I would sleep in hotel every night and mentor would sleep in his truck. Not thrilled with this but hey its only 4 days and I get to sleep in a hotel ever night.
    Go home for a couple days and come back and head out with my Mentor. Within the first Hour was told I was lied to. The four days was actually 2 weeks and that the mentor slept in the hotel room with you in the same room. Huh thought they walked the walk and talked the talk. Maybe not
    We Get to first stop on first day and Mentor asked if I was approved to drive I answer yes and he then states good you are driving this is my paid vacation time.
    Ok well afyer riding with him to first stop not really impressed with his driving skills so decide to make the best of it after all its just 10 days.
    During the next ten days I got to hear about how he has only had 2 drivers out of his last 8 that stayed and most quit within the first week. Trust me I understand why. He was as full of himself as and 7 year driver could be. He bragged about yelling at his last drivers that he was training and how he wanted to leave them on the side of the road. He was proud of running off what probably was seasoned veteran drivers and when he told his co workers about it he knew at other DCs they were telling him they needed to send all the newbies out with him so he could weed them out.
    In those two weeks I have had very little sleep as he snores like a bank mule. We have stayed at flea bag hotels some because of availability and some so he could go next door to the strip club and hang out with the girls. Guess when you are on vacation you might as well make the best of it.
    Also during those 2 weeks he has personally tried to run over one car while bobtail. He literally was less than a foot off of their back bumper and pushing them down the road cussing them. The driver he done that to turned on their flasher because I'm pretty sure they thought he was going to hit them. I did to and if the would have hit their brakes it would have happened. There's no way he couldve gotten stopped and there was a car on his left. He bragged about trying to run over cars before and the truck stopped him from hitting them.
    I was told I ran to close to fog line when I was getting passed by faster trucks and fourwheelers. I was told the due to my outside trailer tire crossing the fog line that that was improper driving. That O was to hold high left against the zipper and let the dumbass drivers hit me or barely get by. That that was what he did and that was how I was expected to drive.
    I told him the truth that I had been driving over 30 years accident free and in my opinion not trying to put distance between you and the vehicle passing you was unsafe. I was then told that well due to that fact he would not hire me but that he had little say so. He was just a trainer on tablet. I then explained to him that if he drove the way he did why I was his trainer that I wouldn't hire him. That his driving method is unsafe and uncalled for and that if it hasn't happened yet then it will. He will get hit and mostly because of his aggressive driving technique.
    I was told many times the past 2 weeks to just hit cars that pulled out in front of us. I have listened to him set up some of his fellow coworkers bets on games. Seems as though he runs a bookie service for some of the other drivers there. He has bragged about getting picked up in several different states for felony warrants while he was driving at different companies.
    At the end of the 2 weeks, which I so looked forward to just getting on the bright side and finding the company that I was hired on to instead of having to continue with him. I have now been told that he had a safety debriefing with the safety guy following my 2 weeks of hell with him and that he made a point to mention the fact that I rode to close in his opinion to the fog line. I was not involved in the safety debriefing and in fact the first thought that came to my mind was where is my safety debriefing because after the past 2 weeks I not only need a safety debriefing but probably PTSD debriefing also.
    So now I have to do another day with another trainer. He told me that this guy was training to be a Certified Driver Trainer and that everything had to be by the book as he was trying to make a name for himself. So in other words do it the way your supposed to do it instead of the way I trained you. He also sais it was a do or die test that I should just ride high to the left and I will be fine. That I am not going to do so who knows might not make it.
    I did through the 2 weeks learn how to work the computer and do it the Walmart way of working the computer. I also learned every possible shortcut and that maybe I also should have just left after the first 2 days. Maybe I just should cut out now and just say the heck with it as seems as though the deck is stacked against me before I ever even go. There's always a hope that somewhere in this company the mentality of the Driver matters and the integrity of we do what we say and say what we do still exists. Maybe the Walmart that I so wanted to be a part of during the onboatding in Bentonville does exist. Maybe it only exists in certain DCs. Maybe it just doesnt exist in my DC. Some of you drivers on here are veteran drivers so from one veteran driver to another is it really worth all this. The money seems to be here along with the benefits but if its Wal-Mart's way of driving and driver hospitality that I have experienced so far at my DC then I am pretty sure I want no part of it. If it means degrading other drivers, aggressive driving behaviors, lying to incoming drivers just to get them onbaord, and the inside game that your either in on or not then I am at the wrong place.
    Oh yeh they were also bragging about having their trainees scrubbing out and cleaning their trucks. It was like a joke to them. Yeh I did it but thought I was done and it was like a rite of passage just wanted to be done with him and out on my own. His truck hadn't been cleaned in over four weeks guessing because his other drivers never made it through. He even stated he likes for people to use hus truck when he is off that way if its not cleaned when he geta it back he can write them up. Thought to myself it will be left in the same shape you leave it in when I get in it. If it's dirty then it still will be when you get back.
    So the question has been asked. Veteran Walmart drivers is this company really worth it? Is my experience unique and uncalled for or is tgis the right of passage you have to get through to get on with Walmart? You all tell me. Yeh I am going back to do my other ride along on my next day in. The decks may be stacked but this time I am going in with a different attitude. I have over 30 years safe driving no accidents, no tickets, spotless CSA and MVR. Getting another job is just a phone call away and the job and culture I so wanted to belong to now just isn't as appealing to me. I am simply going in because I am not a quitter. I have integrity and I have belief in my abilities. I also some where still hope that the company integrity and culture actually does exist.
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  2. DaTeamster

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    carry on driver, you won't be dissapointed
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  3. Onthegrind69

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    I am surprised he hasn't been fired yet. He clearly isn't someone who needs to be driving a truck.
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  4. pltjack

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    Your close to the end of your training. Hang tough and see what it is like when you are on your own.
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