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I am here tonight mad as hell and I hope my fellow ABF Teamsters are as well. We are here for one reason Bill Zollars basically bankrupted Yellow freight by buying 3 companies that he couldn't afford to buy. Forget the economic downturn had those companies been left alone & Yellow didn't overextend themselves nobody would be giving concessions. He purchased those companies & had them compete against each other & then couldn't pay the bill. The IBT rOde to the rescue & overwhelmingly (they like this word) grant concessions to save 35,000 jobs that Mr. Zollars put in jepordy. We understood that because it was help them or they & our brothers would die. HOWEVER ABF isn't YRC we are not in the throes of bankruptcy. We are NOT going out of business. We are being touted as a growing stock. ABF stock is recommended to buy. We are not in debt. Our leaders continue to make their salaries, stock options & other perks even after retiring. In 1988 in on the verge of a hostile takeover & $380 million dollar debt ABF asked for 15% giveback WE VOTED NO..they said we would go ut out of business..well we're still here with NO DEBT & they want our money again...& again I say NO. HELL NO. NO TO MR. HOFFA,MR. KEMP &MS. MCREYNOLDS. SHAME ON MR HOFFA FOR US EVEN PRESENTING THIS. WE ARE GOING BACKWARDS LOSING PAY & RIGHTS & YOUR SELLING IT. I NEVER THOUGHT I'D SEE THE DAY. WELL MEN LETS SHOW HIM WHAT TRUE TEAMSTERS ARE ABOUT. WE WILL NOT BE PUSHED, RAILROADED OR INTIMIDATED. WE STAND TALL STRONG FOR REAL TEAMSTER VALUES. WE WILL VOTE THIS DOWN AGAIN & AGAIN. A FAIR DAY PAY FOR A FAIR DAYS WORK I WORK IN 2010 I GET PAID A 2010 SALARY NOT 2004!! WHO'S WITH ME MEN????? ABF WILL BE HERE LONG AFTER WE ARE GONE...WE ARE FREIGHT MEN.....NOT NURSES &SCHOOL BUS DRIVERS!!!!!!!! & WE DESERVE RESPECT !! DO YOU HEAR ME MR. KEMP,MS. MCREYNOLDS ,MR JOHNSON & MR. HOFFA !!!!
I saw 2 sets of BRAND NEW trailers in our lot this morning...If your household was in tough shape (financially)..would you go out and buy 2 new cars?
Just makes the bottom line look worse. Timing of the 1st quarter coming up in a few days.
Wise up guys.
We are being duped
You have everything to lose...$$....nothing to win.

I'm a YRC driver and you are absolutely right. Stay united and do not give in to this. I hope your Brothers are stronger than my SPINELESS WIMP Brothers were.
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