Old BigW Drivers

are there a bunch that left? the only guy I ever see is out of gvl, at the 145 getting coffee, coming back from Newington I think. I even saw a Wilson on a sunday morning around 9am a couple weeks ago. Oh, and I saw a Wilson condo sleeper awhile back. Looks like things have really changed.
actually we do have 1 Volvo sleeper. it use to be dedicated to haul clams out of exmore, va ..... they are looking for it something else to haul now .......CLT drivers are about all the same sharpshooter, Walter Reist in GVL won the state TDC then had a Heart attach and died. He was a great guy. He was replaced by Smitty from FRD......A shuttle man leaves in Sunday AM from CLT to meet Levi .....right now we are pretty busy Thank God