One Old Tough Vendor Ww11vet


Rest In Peace
:TR10driving03: This guy laid out in freezing winters In WHITE DEER PENNA and mud in the summer.One time Tony Pro was in the Federal Pen at Lewisburg Pa so Sammy Provosenna came to visit the Associated Transports ( ## 1 at the} time}He asked me where the shop was so i gave one WOP a smart but true answer to another WOP. The shop was NAM Style and i said out side everywhere, i think he was trying to tell me something because i noticed a bulge and it was not the one attached to the body.Mr Will was there so i had them meet and i turned around and laughed becaused Mr Will gave him a howdy hand shake with his farmer hand hock and i saw Sammy turning blue. I 'm not making lite we cause i loved this non union guy to death, which was not kosher in them crasy days. RIP i love you.The Daily Item - News