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Also you have to look at it this way, they got rid of the people that knew how to run a trucking company efficiently. Now all we have is a bunch of collage kids that don't know a thing about moving freight.
Ya Hit the nail on the head on that. All of the management that actually helped build this company is now gone. If by chance you talk to someone from XGO face to face and mention the name Jerry D. , they get a pissed annoyed look on their face. Last year they were talking about building our BRAND. We wouldn't have had to do that if they had not destroyed what Uncle Jerry and others had built. In the Videos they would always say that Con-Way was a Driver Oriented Company. We haven't heard that since Jerry left. Just like our NAME. We were know as Con-Way Central Express , Western Express , Southern Express. If you combine everyone it makes sense to call us all Con-Way Express. BUT THEY COULDN'T DO THAT. They had to change the name to Con-Way Freight. They had to get that F back into our name. Just like we used to be called a CF Company. Then a CNF Company. If you think back and notice , we have never gotten away from having CF in our name somewhere.
They make changes in policy that screws us over and tell us about the rest of the industry is doing this so we need to.
We became what we once were by being outside the box. Duhhhh!!!!
Uncle Jerry , (A High School Drop out that started working the docks for CF)built one of the best Companies in the Industry.
It really scares me to think about where we will be in another few years with this bunch of College Kids in charge. They just flat our have no clue!!!

Well, we will never be away from the CF name. Hence, Consolidated Freightway. Conway.That's where the name came from.
[/quote]thats right and do you know what you get when you spell consolidated freight backwards??? thats right THGIERF DETADILOSNOC...HMMMM something to think about....
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