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Pay Raise


Truckload Mercenary
Got the phone call from my fleet manager this week, I got a .01 per mile raise, now .435. I'll take it, will not complain! I was told that the pay raise was to help keep drivers....IT'S NOT ONLY THE MONEY COOKEVILLE! Ask yourself WHY drivers leave! Then we get a message Averitt is offering a $1500 for a referral across the board (LTL,T/L,DEDICATED,FLATBED) for any new hire in any business unit! Are we losing that many drivers across the board?


Well-Known Member
If they think 1 cent is going to stop the flood of drivers leaving they are crazy...and yes they are losing a boat load of drivers...


Active Member
Hard to keep drivers if you dont keep up with the pay and benefits....... a young guy just starting in this career or someone who has little time with the company has no incentive NOT to jump ship when he's see's things like this:

One of the most successful
LTL carriers in the US
has immediate openings for
Local City Drivers
Start at $19.53 per hour if you have 1 year of Class A
Tractor-Trailer Local LTL
$5000 Sign On Bonus!
Must Have Class A -
CDL with
Hazmat, Doubles/Triples & Tankers endorsement
& 1 year exp. Required
Excellent Benefits: Medical/Vision/Rx Insurance
starts at only $12.00/week!
Paid life, Paid disability, 401K w/ 25% match, & Paid time off.
For Immediate
Complete an Employment
under the "Careers" section at


Truckload Mercenary
All CKV has to do to keep drivers, is to look back 10 or more years when drivers were standing inline waiting to be hired, stacks of applications from EXPERIENCED drivers, what were they doing right!
I hope EVERYONE in CKV is having a NICE weekend, as I just walked in the door, and I have to deliver my load tomorrow morning!
Monday. Deliver Petco ORL @ 0400...P/U Yuengling Beer in Tampa for Eagle Dist KNX
Tuesday Deliver Beer load in KNX, Bounce over to CKV, rent a car and visit my mother, who I haven't seen in 7 months!
Wednesday..DOT physical, Fixen to have lunch with my mother....Noooo driver your have to pickup in Gordonsville Tn (Graphic Packaging)..need trl less than 9 yrs old...guess who has all the good trailers...THE FRICKIN Finnishing School people, argued with them to get a trailer..
Thursday. Delivered load in Jackson Oh, drop in dock, hook to MT...want to guess how many MT's are in the gravel lot....5..Get dispatch to P/U in Troy Oh at 2230 to delvr in Alpharetta Ga 1000 Fri...get over to Flying J 13 m iles from Troy...go to bed, 5 hrs later, Disregard load, P/U in Findlay on Friday morning, get dressed go to Findlay Oh...go back to bed!
Fri...Over 1000 miles from home..P/U load, head for KNX,stop @ LEX as I'm 1/4 fuel, fill up..get dispatch to P/U Louden Tn take to Ful..2 min later Load Disregard...after dropping at KNX, Mt to CKV, wait on 45k load to ORL....HUH? I can't pull a 45k with a Prostar..After dropping at KNX check with shop to see if they can mt one of my tanks...NOPE... pump is broke..entoute to CKV ...try calling CKV shop to see if they can do answer, leave msg that i'll be there at 1825, could they ask someone to stay a extra hr or so to help me out....No reply!....
Sat...get up at 0400, find trl and paperwork,,,45K load...sneak over to Pilot...put it on CAT Scale..80940Lbs, I'm at 7/8 fuel, CKV shop doesn't come in until 0700 my time. Head down to CHA, they have pump, but I'll have to pump the fuel down myself...1.75 hrs later, depart CHA, get to 1st GA scale, get brought in.sat on scale for about 4 min while they decide to ticket me or not, go green light, stopped in Dalton put 25 gallons on, stopped in Ful to recheck load on scale, sale is WAY OFF, just like CHA's, put 20 gal on,get to Forsyth scale, closed, stop in MAC to get fuel, pump shut off, head for Cordele Ga, pull into pilot, low fuel light on, put 30 gal on, get to Valdosta scale, closed, get to 1st Fl scale, GREEN LIGHT, stop and get 30 gal in Lake City Fla, 155 miles from ORL, have to 10 brk in Ocala Fl,75 miles from ORL, because of all the screwing around.
Sun..Get up, head for ORL, get to last Fla Scale...Green Light! on to ORL. leaving out Monday and getting home on Sunday and having to leave on Monday is getting to be a COMMON OCCURANCE thru out the company on the T/L side....And they wonder why drivers are leaving? How about the drivers who have only 900s miles on the books by Weds nite and maybe 1500-1700 for the week by Friday or Saturday, and see Outside Carriers pulling OUR TRAILERS with LTL on them heading out or coming in...wonder why they are leaving...Or going to PRELOAD a trailer for someone, bring it back to the yard and drop it, burning up your hrs, and you STILL don't have a dispatch for your outbound....wonder why they are leaving? Deliver your load in the morning after taking a 10hr break, work 2 hrs, then have to take another 10 hr break because you have a 400-650 mile LTL that nite...don't get sleeply driver or even think about being late!.....I could go on and on, but I'll let it go for now...I AM NOT HAPPY...The ONLY reason I'm still here is that I'm over 62 and fixen to retire, restarting at another company is NOT a option anymore!


gainfully employed ?";'':/!??
That's Saia and there is a reason they pay that well and still have to offer a sign on bonus. Cause they work the dog **** out of their city drivers and seniority counts for nothing. Your work situation there is determined by whether you are on the terminal mgr. " dream team". You get whatever he gives u from day to day and have no say in nothing. Saia is a good job if you're on line haul, it sux in the city. I know I did it for several years.


Super Moderator
Staff member
Super Moderator
Once again to change the words of an old John Denver song, "Thank God I'm a Shuttle boy"


Truckload Mercenary
Get on your knee's every night and thank the Lord your not in T/L my friend. Pass that on to your fellow LTLer's when they are talking SMACK about T/L drivers, as they have NO IDEA what we deal with.


Truckload Mercenary
BTW...these trls are sitting in Jackson OH, MT....this whse does not ship product out, only receives, wonder why we don't have enough trls in the system, this is a example!

The trl on the left end is a NEW 138xx swing


I did truckload right after I got home from Iraq for 7 months and damn near lost everything I own. Spent all the money I saved on my deployment and almost was at the point of quitting. T/L is not trucker friendly at all. Then I deployed to Afghanistan and came home to a opening as a combo driver here at my local center. Yes I make more money than T/L however I'm killing myself to do it. Even though I'm at top pay I STILL make less money per mile than I did 9 years ago when I was working for USF Dugan where I was making .47cpm and now today I'm making .44cpm and my hourly pay is only $2 more per hour. I've researched it just as I'm sure many of you have and this is by far one of, if not lowest paying LTL-T/L companies out here. I'm waiting on a opening at another company and I'm gone. Being slapped around is not in my future anymore. Most every LTL linehaul/shuttle drivers are making over .50cpm. You can even go to Swift and make more miles and .44cpm if you're a road driver.

ltl lifer

Sr. Citizen & Gold Member
$.01 cents per mile? It's a smack in the face. We used to be in line with other carriers but no more. Other carriers gave raises, albeit small, in tough times. Not these yahoos. They make out like they are doing us favors by giving us raises. They can't hire people? Of course not...AE has a reputation and that reputation spreads like wildfire, hence why we see Landstar and JNJ, et al pulling our freight down the road.

Frankly, I couldn't care less what this outfit does or whether they can hire or not. A couple more years I can retire and watch this boat sink from a distance. Maybe by then Richard will have been fired or retire or whatever to rid the company of his scourge.
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