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per diem. reducing driver's pensions

Discussion in 'Schneider National' started by fred wear, Jun 12, 2017.

  1. fred wear

    fred wear New Member

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    Schneider insists new hires participate in the per diem program. That program reduces wages by $0.18 per mile. A per diem of $0.16 substitutes the $0.18/mile loss. Not obvious to some drivers is this reduces taxes paid by Schneider on the drivers behalf. All employers match payments to a employees social security payments. Schneider saves the 7.25% tax money on the amounts paid as a per diem. The crazy part of the scheme is they then also charge the driver to implement the program.
    If you are currently accepting Per Diem as part of your wages take a serious look at it. number of web sites discuss this issue. searching on trucking per diem social security to see what you might be losing. The program is a big win for the employer. In the long term a loser for the employee. Check it out.
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    GREETINGS fred wear and WELCOME to TB!!

    I've not worked at nor am I now with Schneider.

    I used to get Per Diem of $61.00 for every night O.T.R. at the last company I worked for over 5.6 years.
    It was removed before taxes and added to the NET amount and it did not appear on me year end statement, so it really was FREE money.
    Per Diem added as Cents Per Mile is a scam as you've discovered and is usually based on a "average" of 2,500 to 3,000 miles a week.

    The lump amount covered those days when not traveling much AND I got it for ALL DAYS AWAY FROM HOME, driving or not.

    Large Companies have their atypical historical ways of screwing drivers out of pay.

    Sorry Mate.

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