New Penn | Propaganda tour ? I expected more


TB Lurker
So yesterday at 107-New Penn, we got paid a visit by Mike who's a VP. Bald-headed guy, I've seen him before. Nice guy, never gave anyone I know problems. Anyhow, he pretty much told & showed us everything we already know re the change. He blamed no one. Also didn't come demanding or asking for anything from us. Never once gave the inclination that the workers should be allowed to vote on a COO. He let us know those people are "above his pay grade". What caught my attention is how he said Yellow, not New Penn, needs to change ASAP to compete. He repeatedly said that. Why haven't they changed yet is the question. He seems to know where the problem is but would not throw anyone in that "pay grade" under the bus. To me, he's grown tired of the mess his bosses have caused
to continue with this, current management at 107 are not pushing any propaganda either. the TM who covers both our terminal and 187-Yellow is concentrated on the operation only. again, the overall feeling is alot of the management are sick & tired of the corporation's BS. drivers quitting isn't new or a big deal deal anymore but i expect more resignations on their side in the coming months. they know alot of their bosses either have their hands tied or are just flat out clueless
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