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the information given at our meeting was just a rehash of information/propaganda already disseminated by yrc and the ibt, nothing new here at all.
company rep ado. took our comments like a man, tm was there to make sure revenge is executed.
could not freely discuss issues at our barn, ado thinks everything is dandy.

we voted by show of hands to continue the discussions already opened with the company, since we could not vote to open discussions, discussions are already underway.
what Local lets a TM in on a Union meeting???....That's FUBAR!!....Unbeleivable...your kidding us, right?....KK
We had something like this ALMOST happen years ago. Company wanted a work rule change, and wanted the opportunity to sell it at a union meeting. The local prez said hell no!
We had the meeting and freely discussed the proposal, and voted it down.
neither should be there .if they want to go and speak fine .but say your scripted bs then leave goodbye cya outta here .
seems that way to at our barn , no open discussions , way to much hush, hush on this ?? whats the big secret about what YRC did offer us for 3rd round of givebacks ???
I was there its true tm was there .thought that's how it works at 992 management decides everything always have