A.DUIE PYLE Pyle Wins Responsible Care Award

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    A. Duie Pyle was the only LTL carrier to win the Responsible Care Award in the country for the year.:icon_dance::Omg_I_gets_present_:6788:
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    Thanks for posting this..... Post anything you can find on Pyle
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    A. Duie Pyle Named Responsible Care Partner of the Year, Chemical Industry Leader Recognized for Performance

    WEST CHESTER, PA, April 19, 2011 – A. Duie Pyle, a leading transportation and logistics provider, was the recipient of the American Chemistry Council’s 2011 Responsible Care Partner of the Year Award. The award recognizes the performance and excellent safety record of Partner companies globally, and is presented to the top three Partner companies who have completed all Responsible Care program obligations including third party certification, and who have had zero fatalities in the past calendar year. The Award was presented during the Annual Responsible Care Conference & Logistics Expo on April 17 in Miami, Fla.
    The Responsible Care Program is a global initiative to assure the safe and secure management of chemical products and processes. While participation is mandatory for members of the American Chemistry Council (ACC), companies that are part of the supply chain can apply for acceptance and be sponsored into the program as a Responsible Care Partner. In January 2008, A. Duie Pyle was sponsored by BASF and Rohm and Haas, two of the world’s leading chemical manufacturers, and was accepted into the rigorous Responsible Care program. The company achieved Responsible Care Management System certification in December 2010 and is currently the only Regional LTL carrier in the Northeast to achieve this stature.
    “Surpassing the three-year mark in the Responsible Care program has become a select move among transportation providers,” said Steve O’Kane, president of A. Duie Pyle. “It further demonstrates our commitment to ensuring the highest safety standards in this demanding market.”


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