Rumor Mill, Let's hear it !

I actually started one yesterday, i want one of the daylight runs so i told the guys that have them that Wilson was putting 4 of the new single axles and pups on those runs lol lol

bad for me is they didn't bite, they new i was blowing smoke lol ol
actually, i was told we got 10 single axle road trucks and the 100 source is good, but don't count it as fact till someone from the mother ship post it

btw good to have you on the board cottongwr
well if that rumor is true i dont understand how everytime i turn around they claim to not be making any money and on top of that they havent given an across the board raise in four years but yet they have money to buy all that...i guess it really would show how much they really care about their employees
It has been a long time since a wage increase. I think they gave them around Feb or March of each year so i guess we'll see what happens 4 or 5 months.
Rumor is that the Truckingboard must be REALLY hard up for Moderators...They have really scraped the bottom of the Barrel with Big Birdie.