SAIA | Saia Wreck


TB Regular
Seen a Saia wreck at exit 200 in VA the other day. Tractor pulling a set and looked like a car hauler. Car hauler was over the bank and the rear Saia pup smashed up pretty good and looked to be sitting up on the concrete wall of the bridge. Had traffic backed up bad on I 81 south. Nobody was hurt seriously i heard. That was the day it rained all day long. Don't know exactly what happened just to say it's better to slow down in the rain and be vigilant because that could have been any of us. Who knows what mood a trucking a company may be in even if it aint your fought they may terminate you. I was told once all accidents are preventable and its workers who are careless no matter what. Kinda pissed me off because an accident is just that an accident. However we know management would never ever be involved in an accident.