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Thank you Ken N Tx , Sheridan was a genuine good guy and really did care about his drivers.
Sheridan was the Man....I remember having a fairly large problem when i got hired....about the pay scale..(somehow it got changed during my hiring process to a lower rate and longer top out) I was able to directly send him an email explaining what happened and he had it fixed....It was great..Stuff like that just doesnt happen anymore.
Ken N. TX. Thank's for reposting that, it's kinda cool to see it. Sheridan was old school and geniunely cared about the company and his employee's.
Ken, thank you (and all the other posters about Sheridan) for the nice words you said about our former leader. I agree with everything everyone here has posted.

City Sales-Formerly FTW
Mr Garrison was A great man, he was down to earth with his employees NO MATTER who U where. I think if Mr Garrison knew Mr Smith was going to F""" his company up & treat his employees like FedEx does he would have NEVER sold American Freightways. Mr Smith WIL NEVER be the man Mr Garrison was. God Bless Mr Garrison.
Anyone that met him liked him, how could you not respect the straight up answers you would get, good or bad he gave you a answer... btw glad to see this site up..
Ken, this was my first post. I wanted to reply to you personally. I hope I am doing this correctly, and not broadcasting this to the entire forum. I really appreciate you and talking to you in Ftw. As you know, we were always pressed for time. I would have liked to known most of you guys better. Thank you for your previous hard work. I find myself VERY busy being retired. I hope you enjoy being retired. Congratulations!!!
I think I responded correctly. Daniel Garrison

For those of you who don't know, citysales (Daniel Garrison) is the son of Sheridan..Top notch man just like his father!!

Nice hearing from you Daniel..I hope your healt has improved..Ken.
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Daniel used to handle our account when I worked at General Cable. I never met his father but I can say that Daniel was a great person to deal with. Always gave us great service. Hope your doing well Daniel.....John Collins
Hi Ken. I've decided to buy a tractor that's bigger than yours. Also I hope to join you in Jan. I can handle the Life of Riley, Staring William Bendix. Now will see how many people are wondering what I'm talking about. The old fart. TP
John, sorry I haven't responded much sooner. I was out of town for 3 weeks & then became ill (bronchitis, pneumonia) the last 2 weeks. I am feeling much better. What company are you with now? Maybe we could go to lunch some time. I can be reached at cell phone or home phone. I look forward to hearing from you.

Please use PM for phone numbers.
I remember the yearly visits from either the Garrisons or at least some high ranking officials of the company. Sometetimes a breakfast or a lunch on a Saturday. Everybody would kick back and chew the fat before they flew off to another location to touch base with another group.
Doubt if anybody from the new and improved operation will every stoop so low as to have a meet and greet with employees. They're afraid they might hear things they don't want to hear.

I remember "What a revoltin' development this is" Chester Riley. On TV as a kid but recently been listening to it on satillite Radio Classics.