SAIA | Sleep Half Your Dock Shift


TB Lurker
So the New TM in Westbrook Ma , known as The Little Ferrett is now in office. Why would a manager of a failing LTL company allow Dock workers on inbound and outbound sleep half their shifts ??? Because he wanted his numbers to look good if the freight levels increased. That never happened at New Penn , Cranston, RI in the 4 yrs. he was the manager. He would knowingly allow this to happen. He is just a Ball of Wind from Woonsocket ,RI . Hope you watch him well Saia Upper Management.
Dont know about dock workers but there are some yard hostlers that hide and play on their phones at Estes. Estes has to pay the drivers to hook while the hostlers get paid by the hour to game the system. I have went to hook a set and see 2 hostlers pulled up beside one another shooting the bull. When your paid by the hour vs being paid by the mile people tend to slack a little more. Paid by the mile you want to get rolling and get er done.
I was a hostler long time ago. I always tried to stay as busy as I could, just my preference but there were plenty of guys that would hide out in the yard. What drove me nuts is when they would turn off their radios so they couldn’t hear the moves being called out.
It always seems to me the busier I am the faster quitting time comes. I wouldn’t want to be sleeping/hiding while at work. Hell, I couldn’t sleep at work if I tried. I drink too much coffee.
Some driver will try to sleep in their truck if they have a long wait time to get their trailers. I cant even do that. If im at work im awake till i get to motel or home.
Has the Little Ferrett of Westboro Ma started giving out absentee letters yet ? That’s his first agenda . After he starts he’ll tell you it isn’t coming from him, he’d like to Keep the Wolves at Bay .
He's like our old manager , like guys go on 4 smoke breaks a hour & let guys sit on toilet 45 mins every hour & let guys stand on dock & talk for 45 mins straight while trailers was sitting waiting to be unloaded !!!! Need to go down to the border & get busloads of people who really want to work !!
Our Little Ferrett was 4 feet tall , how about yours?? I ****ed with him all the time. I actually miss it .He had Little Man complex crossed with Woonsocket Rocket syndrome .