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Business levels appear to be picking up,a mixture of an improving economy,increased marketing efforts,etc.look to be paying off in this area.Our westbound relays from the southeast are really busy with as much work as you want!!A question for you linehaulers out there,Is this just a regional trend?Or are we booming most places?What terminals are still leaving you sitting waiting for something do do? is there a terminal you try to avoid for lack of freight???
Tupelo still bad slow, p&d getting plenty of time only because of the amount of ground we cover in a day. We have 5 line haul drivers 2 went to running wild when they can get out and of the other 3 only 2 run most nights. Outbound is terrible, hope it comes around before long.
Went to TUP 5or6 times when I was a wildman,I think I pulled loaded pups outta there only once and I think it was because somebody ran out of hours there,Nice barn though and everyone was real friendly,being that close to MFS they never held me at TUP always told me to get some empties and head north,hope things pick for you.
I applied for a dock job and I was wondering how long it takes to get called back after a drug test. Does anybody know? It was at OD.
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