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So where can I go to learn to drive?

As a driver apprentice in BOS I'm probably losing my job. If I do are there any other companies out there with such a program that will train me and are they hiring?
Well if you a mind to do it you can get training from some of these over the road companies. They'll train you and put you in a truck. You won't make much in the way of money but at least you get the CDL and a year of driving experience out of it. From there you could apply with any company. Just remeber the most important thing NO ACCIDENTS!!! can't say it enough. If you don't know, go slow. Been in this crazy life for a lot of years and many things have changed,but if you get your CDL and get on with a good company you and your family will do allright. Best of luck to you.


Find a Board of Education, State certified technical school in your area, probably will be less than 2k. & take around 9 weeks.

OTR companies that train can and will charge you 4-5k if you do not fulfill your 1 year contract and destroy your credit in the process. Also every little thing is a "incident", ie: accident, not to be pessimistic but.... the turnover for OTR newbies is like 5000% and they end up owing thousands of dollars and have ruined DAC reports before they get any real experience.

Dept. of Ed state tech school to learn is the best way now a days.

Some companies have programs that will repay you, every month, after a probationary period with them for some of the cost of your tuition, if you hire on with them straight out of tech school with a CDL A. Better scenario than owing the trucking company money.

Just my 2 cents..
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Stay away from OTR companies that offer driver training with a length of empolyment clause...its a scam!



patio pounder
Conway has a dock to driver program. I know a guy that went through it top notch program. Question would be are they hiring in your area. Good luck brother.

mr postman

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future driver i heard on the radio today that con way is needing drivers and will train people to drive.i know its our competetion but a man has to take care of his family.


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Old Dominion does the same thing, at least in Columbus anyway. I won't go into all the gory details of what I have seen, but let's just say that it isn't such a good idea to put a woman who has 1: never driven a manual transmission, into a truck 2: pulling a heavy set of doubles 3: up a hill 4: in the left lane 5: on a busy interstate 6: downtown 7: during rush hour. SHE WILL MISS GEARS, HAVE TO STOP, AND STALL THE TRUCK IN THE MIDDLE OF 670! And her trainer will freak out, trying to put it back into gear for her. Okay, so I did go into all the gory details. Of one of my observations of their student training program, anyway.

To top it off, this was right before winter was about to hit this year. I hope they gave her a hell of a lot more practice before cutting her loose!

But seriously, do it with them or Con-Way or another LTL company if you possibly can. Best to get paid well while getting your feet wet...

Twice Pipes

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Obviously we've done away with the driver trainer program with the new and improved Fedex Freight. After all we have to keep all those purchase transportation drivers employed and on the road. TP


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We have 4 going through it now at my barn. And other terminals are doing the driver training program.