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Some of the old carriers out of the SF Bay Area

Discussion in 'Trucking Boneyard Discussion' started by Fageol, May 18, 2013.

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    Does anybody out there recall Ringsby? It was a large LTL carrier headquartered in Denver. I worked mostly for its tanker division, Arizona Pacific out of Oakland. We hauled tequila and kahlua out of Mexico. But mostly we hauled edibles like sugar, vegetable oil and such.

    How about Post Transportation? It was the contract carrier for Stauffer Chemical. It had terminals in Richmond and Los Angeles CA and Henderson NV. One of the best outfits to work for as it had reliable, fast, and powerful tractors and good maintenance for all of its equipment. Mostly hauled sulphuric acid, caustic soda, and alum.

    How about Southern Tank Lines. Without a doubt Southern Tank Lines had the prettiest fleet on the road. Mostly hauled diesel and gasoline. I worked out of its Martinez CA terminal. The headquarters was at a refinery at Paramount CA. I used to moonlight for Southern and Post when I was a firefighter in Richmond CA.

    There were a few other outfits that might be included such as Salt Lake City based IML (Interstate Motor Lines or Ignorant Mormon Labor -- no offense that's just what the outfit was called just like at CF was Chicken F...ers.) IML had a large terminal down in the Port of Oakland area as did Ringsby, LASME (Los Angeles -- Seattle Motor Express), Merchants, and a few others. Hard work but good times.

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