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I used to see a lot of St. Johnsbury trucks when I lived in NY. I remember them closing the doors, but don't recall why. What ever happened to them?
It's always a shame to see a good company go down the tubes due to mismanagement. Happens far too often.
I worked for Standard Trucking, we inter-lined with St.Johnsbury, and closed down right behind them. Was the best LTL job I ever had. I sure miss those days.
A shame that these old trucking companies aren't here about job losses to overseas companies.

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I worked for St. J for 20 yrs. I was #10 of 75 in Lincoln, RI. The reason why we went out is like this, in the late 80's Oil companies had more money than they could spend so they wanted to diversify, they bought a few trucking Co. as did Sun Oil ( Sunoco) The St J sold out then St J management decided to buy us back. They took out a loan interest only for 5 yrs.(stupid idea). When the five yrs up the principle was due and could not pay up, so close it up. Taking the 9% cut in pay was the beginning of the ice burg. Then the big truck sell off. I never saw it my self(denial) I had just driven to MO. to see my sister, and returning not seeing hardly any St J trucks even in NY/NJ area. The following day Monday morn found out on the radio news that St J with 4500 drivers out of a job.
Ok thanks, I worked at lincoln 021? from 1990 thru 1993 sandwiched between 13 years at holmes trans an 16 years at new penn.
I forget a lot of the terminal codes.
02 was pennsauken and 067 was kop right, when they closed kop we ran a lot of loads into pennsauken.
It was not a happy time down in the philly area.
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