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A.DUIE PYLE StreetBoro Ohio

Discussion in 'A. Duie Pyle' started by 1FastCorvette, Aug 11, 2013.

  1. 1FastCorvette

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    I see that they are hiring for a Full Time Line Haul Driver. What type of schedule should a new hire expect, regarding out on the road and home through the week (weekend)?

    And since the pay hourly what is the starting wage and current top scale wage ,. And how long to reach top scale..

    Plus do they have to work dock, and what is the average amount of time per night do they have two?
  2. xeastend

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    The best is to call You may speak with a recruiter at 800-523-5020 x6138

    All terminals have different parameters as far as runs and dock work.When I have been to Streets,about half get home nightly. Rest maybe 3 days out. Entire fleet(company wide ) is home sat am at the latest with a monday eve start. Dockwork varies

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