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Supreme Court throws out NY restrictive concealed carry laws

Michigan Bill

I live Here
I'm still a NY resident, at least until things further unfold for my divorce settlement. I'll always maintain a place for me and my kids, but depending on this obvious ruling, I'll be waiting to see if I'm changing my legal residence to another state.

no one realizes how stupid NY gun laws are. You have to take a course and get a permit, which takes 4-6 months, to even buy a handgun, nevermind carrying it. There's no sales without a permit, no matter if you're a collector or target shooter, like most states.

most states only require a permit for carry, or some, like Michigan used to, just want a "purchase permit", which was just 5 bucks, an instant background check, and a small gun Id card that you filled out and brought back to the sheriff's office. It was a minor inconvenience, but quick and easy compared to NY.

in NY, you literally aren't allowed to own a handgun without a big lengthy ordeal.

i don't even want to carry a gun, it'd just be nice to be able to buy what everyone else can in other states!

what's unclear about the supreme court ruling, is does this just make NY a shall issue carry permit state, or is their whole permit system in the trash?
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