TForce | TFI International Announces 2021 Fourth Quarter and Full-Year Results


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“TFI International completed a highly successful year that featured our transformational acquisition of UPS Ground Freight, which is already helping to drive our robust financial results reported today. During the fourth quarter, our operating income grew 84% and our adjusted diluted EPS grew 60%,” said Alain Bédard, Chairman

TForce’s operating ratio hit 89.4%, its lowest level since TFI acquired UPS’ struggling LTL operation, UPS Freight, in April. But as Bédard made clear to analysts, TFI has far more aggressive ambitions: an operating ratio of 80% or lower.

TFI International Announces 2021 Fourth Quarter and Full-Year Results
Imagine what will happen if/when they rid themselves of the bloated UPS mentality management they have now.
Last Thurs. 2/4 I know of a center that had 4 city drivers on the street and 4 people in the office..
He would like that. It has since been retired to a place of honor. I gaze upon it lovingly as we speak...
My daughter claimed this thing years ago, each time she's down, she forgets to take it home.
They're coming next week, I told her if it doesn't go to Charl next week it's going to be firewood.
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