Yellow | Thanks for wasting $$

Forget it they'll never learn.

All KC knows how to do is spend money in the name of saving money.

YRC has always been willing to spend a dollar to save a penny. That is company policy and so far they`ve spent 1.4 billion dollars and have yet to save that penny.
We received our CD....What a waste of money....I am RETURNING TO SENDER! Maybe if everyone does it they will get the hint!

Just think how much more money could have been wasted, had it been sent to each terminal to be viewed on the clock during pre-shift. Then we could have spent another 10-30 minutes b.s. ing about it before starting our workday....
Never got a dvd in the mail. They mailed me a postcard with the website on it. I heard from an ABF guy that they were getting this kind of mail during their recent concession proprosal.
Why watch it?....they put it online....mail it back so they can count their NO votes quicker, and maybe they will see how many mean business this time!.....KK
Did they use rewritable CD's? If so you can put them to good use. ABF did not use them for us during our bend over campaign so they were worthless to us.
They continue wasting money on all these mailings and are asking for more. How is that good financial sense. They don't deserve any more money.
not to mention all the trees they have to cut down to give us all the bs paperwork they give us with our checks every week...