Central Transport | the bright and shinning lie scenario


TB Lurker
how many here believe that CT really wants you to work for them. Or to build a better company.What we were told and what has happened seems to be going in different directions. My pay was based on what Vitran agreed to pay me when you assumed picking up our debt you picked up our wages I do not feel sorry for what I have earned
I have heard absolutely zero talk from ct management about making the company better. All I heard was bring V equipement, terminals, freight, and labor into the ct model.

Personally I have heard not a thing of a better company. I have been told several times by management that if I do not like what i see i should quit. CT is what it is, a crap hole, and will strive for nothing more.

Thats cool though. A lot of people do not like a nice place to work or to have standards because it is work.