Central Transport | They are still around.


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Ive seen several Central Transport tractor trailers in Kentucky and up in Pennsylvania so i know they are still hauling freight. Just thought id post here to see if any are still on this forum. I know several of you guys swap out at the flying j in Franklin Ky.
Saw one today that had some work done on the trailer door. Looked they cannabalized a panel off another door

It said “Central Transport Transport”. He musta worked for the Department of the Redundancy Department at some point😆
I see them every night, too, and I also keep a wide berth.

They are hiring in my area. With as little as they pay, you'd think they could afford some fleet maintenance. I think it's no coincidence their equipment is yellow...
Be careful with these job sites I've checked out plenty that was no where near what the site said. Also just because it says full time doesn't necessarily mean that. I went to an interview for full time job and was told its part time but i could at least get my foot in the door and work another part time job to make it. I told the interviewer no thanks i need full time employment with benefits. Kind of upset me wasting my time for false advertisement.
Do they invest in anything? I've seen CT over here in NYC, as well as NJ, Philly & Florida and most of the equipment looks like dog sh*t
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