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I guess they could've named it Exact Express and pissed off alot of Roadway people.Just saying
Not roadway anymore.
YRC now.
Roadway died in 08.
Now I know alot still think R and Y.
But neither exist.
And as long as I get a paycheck I don't care what they call it.
I know that mystic but there are people who have resentment on both sides
But we are grown men. Even them. Resentment creates stress which will eventually kill a person. I could not personally carry that type of bs for ten years. I've got more serious things to attend to as I'm sure they may have. Or not.
It's truly hard to believe that they hold onto the old Y or R thinking or thing or whatever it is. I know they do. And I would only suggest they see someone about it. ( psychologist)
May feed him some anger and issues they may have so they don't dump ::shit:: on other employees just trying to push through the day.
Thank goodness I work at a small barn. It's here. But at a minimum.
(I'm saying too much. I'm on the couch!)
This is my stress relief.
:smilies 19296:
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