Tips on Training Your Truck for the Winter

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Not bad advice: Full article and comments on reddit but thought I'd share here too.

Chaining up your Truck

Pretty much all videos show you how to chain in perfect conditions. Which does not always work out as we chain up in some nasty weather.

  1. Pull your chains out make sure they're in the right direction.

  2. fold in half as shown in the video.

  3. place over outside tire, then fold the other half over the inside tire.

  4. Videos tell and show everyone to spread the chains out and run over them. This does not always work in bad weather.

  5. Do not do #4 unless you want to try it.

  6. reach behind the back tires and connect the chains, then connect the chains in the front

  7. get in truck and roll over the chains.

  8. now connect the middle set of chains, and disconnect and reconnect the inside and outside chains. so you can lock them tight.

  9. put bungies on if you want.

  10. it also doesn't hurt to remove the mudflaps if they come off easily.
C DoT app In the menu check "Trucker Info" and it will give you current chain law and road shut down info.

WY DoT shows the roads in Wyoming and gives road shut down info. WY no longer does chain law, they just shut the roads down. I personally think they should at least include the chain law in road shut downs due to snow/ice.

WY Roads Have not used this app yet as it's new.

Tire chain tools:

Chaindawg, purchase

cheater chains you can build these yourself at any hardware store for $5. They're good for driving around yards, getting out of a dock that you're stuck in our getting unstuck from being parked all night after a snowfall or due to sinking into ice. These are not a replacement for chaining up under a chain law, I keep a few sets of these in my bag. All they are is a length of chain with a simple hook like on your tire chains.

another example of cheater chains

other tools that are available

cam tool this is my favorite style of tightening tool as it's easier to use in the back. I've seen one sold in some backwoods truck stop that had a handle like a socket wrench. I've been looking for it since last year, wish I bought it when I saw it.

Fifth wheel pull hook it's useful for putting on a set of singles. reach through between the tires and pull the chain end through so you can hook it before driving over them.

chainpro still haven't seen it for sale anywhere

I've seen some pretty cool hand tools over the years at truck stops to help with chaining up. Kind of wish I picked some of them up as they don't seem to be easy to find online.

Otherwise there's a lot of gimmicks out there.

Driving in High Winds

This is something the mega trainers don't really talk about. This week (11/23/17) alone there was 18 trucks blown over just south of Cheyenne, WY. Most of them being training companies.

Wind speed vs. Driving Speed

  • 35+ mph / 55mph

  • 45+mph / 40mph

  • 55+mph / 35mph

  • 60+mph / 25mph
This should only be used as a reference to give an idea that you do need to slow down. Typically roads in Wyoming start getting shut down to empty and lightly loaded trailer with anything over 60mph, these winds can knock over a parked empty trailer. Speeds like that you should start looking to get parked.

Wyoming will keep the roads open until people start wrecking. Then they get shut down and it can be a day or more before they open them back up.

Another tip for driving through high winds is sliding your tandems all the way back to the doors. It will help put weight on the back and help prevent the wind from folding you over. Also putting your landing gear down when parked to help stabilize the trailer.

Drive slow and take your time, it's your job on the line.
I carry chains but choose not to chain up
Too many close calls
every company i EVER worked for, (including long haul companies), EXPLICITLY FORBADE US from running into areas that required chains. in fact, dispatch was so too ordered to keep us out. and these were NOT mega carriers.
every company i EVER worked for, (including long haul companies), EXPLICITLY FORBADE US from running into areas that required chains. in fact, dispatch was so too ordered to keep us out. and these were NOT mega carriers.

I've worked for companies who would rather reschedule the p/u or delivery then chain up
Bet you can't wait to get your double clutching boots with the pointed toes, great for killing cock roaches in the
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