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Was there last week + a yard spotter was delivered. Also mechanic told me break bulk coming there. Maybe that will clear some of the mess out of 093. Now that's a place to avoid at 2 or 3 AM.
:clap:As of tomorrow, May 24th Toledo (092) is a breakbulk with 80 more employees! This is a change that was long overdue and welcomed by all here in Toledo. Many new run were posted and as a result I have decided to stay another year instead of retiring. Welcome to all the new Toledo employees and transfers.
Congratulations imtrucker! You guys at 092 have been hit hard lately and are long overdue for some good news. You don't want to retire- you'll miss all the fun.

YEP!!! Toledo is now a brake!! This should have been done years
ago instead of turning it in to a graveyard just about, we have been
dead in Toledo for years. But yet Toledo is one of the best positioned
terminals in the country!!! Now its time for Toledo to perform and show
our strenght in this industry. In my opinion, they should have NEVER opened
Detroit Michigan, total waste.. The size of Toledo was handling Detroit just
fine and we could take anything it could throw at us.. The intermuggle hub
40 miles to our south of Toledo makes us the closest terminal to the countries
soon to be LARGEST train to truck transfer of inbound freight to the 163 million people all over the nations mid section.. Toledo is about to SHINE BABY!!!!
Keep on truckin everyone lets hope the economy kicks in to high gear!!!

Mighty Mo!!! :shift: :shift: :shift:
Just curious how that toledo break is going? You guys getting everything in full swing? They talking about any des moines meets?
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