Truck driver found dead beneath load of pipes in Limerick

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" I'm just a truck driver "
I know that this won't be happening to me at age 62. I know...maybe he loved what he was doing but to me it's a shame to see an elderly driver lose his life still on the job at that age.

Yes this is very sad and a shame. Flat bed work is very dangerous. I shake my head when I see them wearing sandals and flip flops at the Flying Fish Hook in Carlisle.

ps. i'm 62 and elderly lol. 60 is the new 40.


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I met truckers in their 70's when I was still a p&d driver.
Most said they didn't have anything else,so they may as well keep going.
I say to each their own whatever works for you,if you still enjoy trucking may as well stay with it.

I retired at 63,after 45 years & 2 million miles working p&d,the work caught up with me where my legs were starting to bother me.

I guess if this guy thought fast enough when the pipe let go he could have dove under his trailer.
However that is just hindsight,may he rest in peace.