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Truck Driving Championships aka "TDC"

Discussion in 'The Drivers Lounge' started by citydog, Apr 25, 2016.

  1. SwampRatt

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    2017 Florida TDC Results

    2017 Florida TDC Grand Champion:

    Tommy Forrest
    FedEx Freight

    2017 Florida TDC Class Champions

    3-Axle Class
    Danny Bradley
    Walmart Transportation, Rookie

    Larry Taylor
    Publix Super Markets

    Donald “Tommy” Forrest
    FedEx Freight

    Patrick Kutenits
    Publix Super Markets

    Edward “Eddie” Pennington
    FedEx Freight

    Straight Truck
    Scott Hamilton
    FedEx Freight

    Tank Truck
    John Kinchen
    Publix Super Markets

    Robbie Stanford
    UPS Freight

    Step Van
    Daniel Stapleton
    FedEx Ground

    Title Winners

    Written Exam Winner:
    Henry Mahler, Tank Truck, YRC Freight

    Pre-Trip Winner:
    Adam McCann, Step Van, FedEx Express

    Rookie of the Year Award:
    Danny Bradley, 3-Axle, Walmart Transportation

    Large Team Trophy:
    Publix Super Markets

    Small Team Trophy:
    Florida Rock & Tank Lines

    2017 Florida TDC Hall of Fame Inductees:
    Peter Orgass, YRC Freight
    Bob Dwyre, Forcon International (Retired)
  2. SwampRatt

    SwampRatt Well-Known Member

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    Nevada's 2017 Truck Driving Champions

    Grand Champion - Gragg Wilson, FedEx Freight - Reno

    Winners By Class:

    Straight Truck
    Robert Fini, FedEx Ground - Las Vegas
    Jessica Chickering, FedEx Ground - Reno
    Daniel Perez-Garcia, FedEx Freight - Reno

    3 Axle
    David Sharp, UPS Package - Sparks
    Eric Martinez, FedEx Freight - Las Vegas
    Ronald Henderson, XPO - Sparks

    4 Axle
    Humberto Carrillo, FedEx Freight - Las Vegas (Rookie)
    Daniel Tavie, FedEx Freight - Las Vegas (Rookie)
    Joseph Berger, Oak Harbor - Las Vegas

    5 Axle
    Patrick Nerger, FedEx Express - Reno
    Joseph O'Brien, ITS Logistics - Sparks (Rookie)
    Anthony Asher, XPO - Sparks

    5 Axle Sleeper Berth
    Gragg Wilson, FedEx Freight - Reno
    Anthony Ryan, FedEx Ground - Las Vegas
    Roperto Loeli, FedEx Freight - Reno

    Tank Truck
    Randy Stromlund, UPS Package - Sparks
    Michael Ebner, Reddaway - Sparks (Rookie)
    Eric Flick, FedEx Freight - Reno

    James McKernie, Old Dominion Freight - Las Vegas
    Craig Poupeney, FedEx Freight - Reno
    James Hon, Old Dominion Freight - Sparks

    Matthew Hart, FedEx Freight - Reno
    Eugene Cushing, UPS Package - Sparks
    Michael Clemens, Sr., ABF Freight - Sparks

    Step Van
    Sergio Romero, FedEx Ground - Las Vegas
    Roderick Easton, FedEx Ground - Las Vegas (Rookie)
    Kelly Hernandez, FedEx Express - Reno

    Highest Score Winners

    Written Test: Gragg Wilson - FedEx Freight, Reno
    Pre-Trip: Roberto Aguilar - Oak Harbor, Las Vegas
    Course: David Sharp - UPS Package, Sparks
  3. SwampRatt

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    North Dakota results:

    3 axle
    1st Christopher Scholand 456 FedEx Freight (grand champion)
    2nd Tim Schieder 412 XPO
    3rd Brendan Klocke 395 ODFL

    4 axle
    1st Luke Groen 418 ODFL (rookie of the year)
    2nd Jamey Larson 404 XPO
    3rd Josh Soland 321 FedEx Freight

    5 axle sleeper
    1st Bryan Wold 393XPO
    2nd Josh Novak 392 Britton
    3rd Jason Markert 383 S&S

    5 axle
    1st Jon Simonson 391 XPO
    2nd Ronald Obos 355 E W Wylie
    3rd Raymond Mendrzycki 343 MAGNUM

    1st Steve Johnson 399 XPO
    2nd Joe Honek 335 edEx Freight
    3rd Kevin Schmidt 327 RUAN

    Step Van
    1st Sharon Collett 310 FedEx Express
    2nd Michael Mortenson 276 FedEx Express

    Straight Truck
    1st Richard Hartleib 391 FedEx Freight
    2nd Robert Benson 388 FedEx Express
    3rd Jamie Ackerland 343 FedEx Freight

    1st Daniel Bartelson 422 XPO
    2nd Ron Ackerland 399 FedEx Freight
    3rd Allen Garnett 284 FedEx Freight

    Twin Trailers
    1st Brad Morrow 373 XPO
    2nd Nick Meadows 357 FedEx Freight
    3rd John Janousek 333 FedEx Freight
  4. SwampRatt

    SwampRatt Well-Known Member

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    Minnesota TDC Results

    Straight Truck
    1st = Thomas Carlson - USF Holland
    2nd = Kerry Wicklander - FedEx Express
    3rd = Jerry Rosdahl - Transport America

    1st = Reginald Copeland - FedEx Freight
    2nd = Matt Simon - FedEx Freight
    3rd = Bill Krouse - YRC Freight

    1st = Bruce Quaal - YRC Freight
    2nd = Paul Butkowski - FedEx Freight
    3rd = John Hemmingson - YRC Freight

    1st = Tim McNamee - YRC Freight
    2nd = Rob Janke - FedEx Express
    3rd = Mark Leino - FedEx Freight

    Sleeper Berth
    1st = Mike Whiteford - J & B
    2nd = James Kroshcel - US Foods
    3rd = John Borman - Stan Koch & Sons Trucking

    1st = Jerry Kraetsch - YRC Freight
    2nd = Craig Frahm - Walmart Transportation
    3rd = Mark Gouge FedEx Ground

    Tank Truck
    1st = Galen Sonnek - Independent Diversified Transportation
    2nd = Nate Walker - YRC Freight
    3rd = Josh Fredrickson - Walmart Transportation

    Twin Trailer
    1st = David Eickoff - XPO Logistics
    2nd = Duane Maroney - YRC Freight
    3rd = Bruce Derosier - FedEx Freight

    Step Van
    1st = Christian Rapsch - FedEx Express
    2nd = Alex Lofgren - FedEx Ground
    3rd = Steve Orr - FedEx Express

    Written Test Winner: Paul Butkowski - FedEx Freight
    Pre-Trip Winner: Tim McNamee - YRC Freight
    Rookie of the Year: Joseph Collins - FedEx Ground
    Small Team Champion (3-5): XPO Logistics
    Large Team Champion (6+): FedEx Freight
    Grand Champion: Bruce Quaal - YRC Freight
    Howie Johnson Memorial Award: Tim McNamee - YRC Freight
    Charle Smith Volunteer Award: Dave Knobloch
  5. SwampRatt

    SwampRatt Well-Known Member

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    2017 NTDC List of Competitors by State


    "Four hundred and twenty-seven of the nation’s best drivers, all of whom remained accident-free for an entire year and won their state competitions, will compete in nine different classes."
  6. SwampRatt

    SwampRatt Well-Known Member

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  7. SwampRatt

    SwampRatt Well-Known Member

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    Finalists list


  8. SwampRatt

    SwampRatt Well-Known Member

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    Roland Bolduc Crowned National Truck Driving Championships Bendix Grand Champion


    Champions from each of the 9 vehicle classes were also announced. Joining Roland Bolduc on the list of national champions are:

    3-Axle: Glen Kirk, Franklin, Indiana, Old Dominion Freight Line

    4-Axle: James Duffy, Marshall, Wisconsin, FedEx Freight

    5-Axle: Michael Miltenberger, Cumberland, Maryland, PITT OHIO

    Flatbed: Wayne Crowder, Louisville, Kentucky, FedEx Freight

    Sleeper Berth: Roland Bolduc, East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, FedEx Express

    Straight Truck: Richard Bailey, Macomb, Michigan, FedEx Freight

    Tank Truck: Scott Woodrome, Middletown, Ohio, FedEx Freight

    Twins: Chris Poyner, Richland, Washington, XPO Logistics

    Step Van: Michael Bills, Fuquay Varina, North Carolina, FedEx Express

    Other Awards

    Rookie of the Year: Bryce Neilson, Anaconda, Montana, FedEx Freight

    Team Champions:Kentucky

    Vehicle Condition: Bryan Wold, Reiles Acres, North Dakota, XPO Logistics

    Highest Written Exam Award: Paul Brandon, Oxford, Connecticut, FedEx Freight and Don Logan, Eskridge, Kansas, FedEx Freight

    Neill Darmstadter Professional Excellence:Daniel Shamrell, Battle Ground, Washington, FedEx Freight

    Lifetime Volunteer Award: Joe Smith, Kenco Management

  9. Lnhl drvr

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    competition is rigged... most of planners, course designers, judges, Etc are from Fed Ex and majorities of classification are won by their drivers...please.. they should renamed competition and call it Fed Ex championship
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    :ranting2::hyper::icon dance::draw:
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    whats that!!! you can't handle the truth????

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