ABF | Truck speed

Anyone familiar with the code to turn the mack tractors up to 70mph. Apparently drivers are doing it on their own. ...

If they are doing it as in the past. The shops have a password and are doing them as they come in for their regular services. I had to wait on my next oil change service at my EOL barn when they went to 65. But also, having to run into Carlisle bulk, they were doing it that way also.
Drivers are changing the speed to 70mph on their own and not doing it correctly. Then the truck needs fixed at a Mack dealership. Messing up something with the computers. Just be patient and let the shops do it correctly. Come on guys!! This is stupid. I had a truck today someone wrote up for being unsafe because it wasn’t running 70mph. What a joke!
What I want to know is how to turn it up to F.A.I.G. (fast as it goes)
Think I may need to upgrade to WIN 11 or was that WIN 7 and a
copper paper clip .