Estes | TRUMP: Love or Hate the way of handling economy?

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I have been full time in freight since the summer of 08 and I can honestly say I’ve had all the work I’ve wanted and then some every year thus far and I am not lazy. It always seems to slow a hair this time of year but at the end of the year the numbers always add up fine no matter who is in the White House. I am a conservative for what it’s worth. I will say the raises have been existent and definitely more fruitful the past 3 years than it has been in my working career. I believe The Lord will provide, so far so good.
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I think we are starting to see the effects of trump's tariffs here in central California. Agricultural exports here are way down compared to last year in the wake of retaliatory tariffs by other nations, and it's causing freight levels to be way down. A lot of these farmers are having to apply for federal aid just to make payroll thanks to trump's policies.
Who cares , there was a huge bump in freight earlier this year through most of the summer but lately it seems to have petered out.
I love it. Need more USA first policies. It will hurt at first, but no pain no gain. Takes a while to undo damage previous administrations did
If you are against Trump,you are against prosperity,imo..MAGA
Not a well thought out statement...if one doesn’t like/support our president, doesn’t mean that one is against prosperity. I personally think he’s doing a great job and would vote for him again. Keep in mind that you cannot speak for everyone though. Peace
The damage has already been done
China advancing while USA deteriorating

All of these years of shifting manufacturing knowledge and technology know how has created wealth and irrevisible advancement in China over the USA

Almost everything we buy is made in China.
Takes knowledge and experience to make electronics and even molding plastic toys.

Soon even US agriculture will faulter as China becomes an innovator in that space to meet their own needs.

30 million illegals in the USA, more than 10% of everyone you see out there due to a lack of border

Too late
I used to say arrest the people who employ illegals and this will all stop mite be too late for that. If our jobs can have a two tier wage scale the country can have a two tier citizenship and collect tax and information from these people
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