SAIA | trying to get ltl drivers opinion in Phoenix Arizona

Im a ltl driver for saia in florida looking to transfer to Phoenix Arizona terminal, if any driver over there can give me info on hours, how many days of week they are working and slow periods/if they are have manditory days off for slow weeks, general info before I make a costly relocate, like this one wich was a costly mistake, very appreciative
Just wondering what made the move a mistake? The job or the area? If its the area what area are you in? Me and the wife will be moving to Orlando in the next few months..
I understand the waiting line for transfer to PHX is quite long. Guys in PHX have a "I'm too cool and I don't care attitude."
There's a guy in Denver that's been trying to transfer to Phoenix for 8 years.The guys under him are willing to help him pack but he never leaves.That list must be real long.:popcorn: