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TB Lurker
Does anyone know when the switch from last year's health plan to the new year's plan starts? I will be going from Cigna to United but I still haven't received any cards in the mail with my plan information on them.
It’ll be next year. Starting New Year’s Day January 1st, 2024.

If you don’t get new cards by the end of the week you can view them on the UHC app for iPhone or Android until they arrive. Alternatively, you can print a paper copy on their website. Google United Healthcare, follow the registration steps and you may access them.
UHC is functioning normally. I changed to Original Medicare to dispose of the BS Advantage this year. Its officially started New Years Day.

It also eliminates copay and games of that kind. But does leave you with bills on the other end when its all over with. UHC had to pay to the Government a penalty for every person who canceled Advantage this year and returned to Original Medicare. For me the situation is a little bit different. Depending on final tests, Hospice would be involved at some point. Everything else has been pretty much settled by now so theres no problem with UHC or anyone.