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Just wanted to get the Truckload thread started. With the conversion from SCS and WDS, Truckload has greatly expanded its numbers.:bgroovy:

My thanks to all of the Freight hubs that treat us with respect when we fuel at your facilities. There are a lot of great Freight Drivers out there, and we appreciate the waves and handshakes.:1036316054:

It's not easy being the bastard children...:shhit:
Hey,we're ALL UPS' red headed step children. I'm thankful for my job and do the best I can,but morale is the lowest I've ever seen. To you Truckload guys...Keep on keepin' on and you'll always be a part of the disfunctional family. We all contribute to keeping our jobs. Take care.

according to my stewart/union truckload not a part of upsf .......buut dont let a few but.....loes get you down we do have SOME good guuys at ltl most of them that treat you guys bad are the ones that havent worked any where else and dont have a clue what real trucking is :1904:
Either way....non-union carrier..... You pull our freight you are no different than the other contractors. And what is real trucking????? Running your balls off for nothing.....Running 2 log books.....Big shiny truck that the owner thinks is a good trade for what you take home to your family????? Guess I am one of the bad freight guys....
It is not rocket science, truckload/scs/independants I look at all the same your not a bargaining unit employee, you should not be pulling multi load freight when we have the resources to do it.

Here in florida we get truckload pulling pulling freight to us they drop there trailers then head to Tampa to get a load of beer and head back north then repeat, they run schedules like that while we have roaddrivers laid off.

I understand you truckload guys are ups employees but what right is right and wrong is wrong.
Don't misread what I wrote. I'm an LTL road driver. I just get a little miffed when OTR drivers are portrayed as still living and driving in the days of "Convoy". If the company is sending our freight up the road with a non-union driver, I'd rather it be one of our TL drivers and not a Covenant driver.

I think laying off our own drivers and hiring contractors was one of the best moves the company could have ever made. It served the purpose of showing everyone who wanted the Teamsters in here who is truly in charge. He who pays the bills should make the decisions. Would you go work a hard week just to come home and turn your paycheck over to your 8yo son to spend it? I wouldn't either. Then why do you think UPS should let the drivers or the Teamsters decide how to run their business? Just like the 8yo boy, they smacked their children dressed in brown on the hand and said "Now, let that be a lesson!". The Teamsters are just the boy's friend who he goes and cries to when he doesn't get his way. The friend sympathizes and says "Yeah, we'll show them!". That's what friends do for you, especially when you pay them to.
your right it is a good business decision and as a stock holder in ups I appreciate them trying to save every penny they can. As a company it is there responsibility to run there business the most economical way they can, that is what gives us real long term job security.

On the other hand we didn't force ups to say they wouldn't use subcontractors when our own employees are laid off, they agreed to it. And it is up to us to hold them to it.
We're in agreement on that. They went back on their word, but I can guarantee you they asked for a continuance so they could make just a tad bit more money to boost that last quarter earnings report. I think some "good news" will come out about a week before the elections this year. That will give the Teamsters enough time to tout the victory as a people's labor party victory and rally the troops to vote in the candidates running for the office of "Royal Order of the Teat".

I'm also still pissed that UPS let their employees transfer between terminals for several years after the buyout, then came out with a no-transfer policy and any time you put in the company at another terminal suddenly no longer counted towards company time when the contract specifically says your company seniority starts with the day you are hired and enter probation. If they allowed folks to transfer before with no penalty and no warning that their time would never count again, then they should have allowed them to keep their company seniority frozen to their current terminal at the time the contract was signed. That ruling came much later and it screwed a lot of drivers, especially some that were ready to retire in about a year. For that reason alone, I hope everyone involved in that backroom decision suffers immeasurably in all ways, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Wives leaving their husbands, come back with AIDS, the clap, [insert social disease or terminal malaise here], and leave them again. You know, the stuff that causes only the most miserable of suffering. I want them waking up with spiders crawling out of their penises. Every night. Forever.

I used to be a good person when I worked for Overnite because that company did us right and I was PROUD to work for them. Working for UPS Freight has left me a bitter, empty shell of a human being that is tired of constantly falling under the tread of the big, brown tire. I truly wish that Leo Suggs had just shut the doors and paid us what was owed to us for our vestments in the pension and let us go. We could all be 5 years into another job and probably a lot happier. I need a beer. Sorry I'm a buzzkill tonight.
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Wow......You are not only a super trucker.....You also diagnose peoples personalities over the computer.....Thanks for helping me out brother......And to make the money we do.....You have to be gone all the and run your backside off.....2 logs and all that, I know really can't exsist anymore....Johnny law has way too many ways of stopping it. But I refuse to go along with anyone who is NOT a union worker doing anything for the company.....Good buisiness decisions does not include any of us.....Ignorant.....YES I am....And thanks again.
Not a problem. Self-awareness is often times the first step in a progressive treatment plan. Good luck :-)
Nothin worse than a truckdriver attempting to use big city talk.

Oh wait a minute, oh no you didnt use the puctuation marks to make a smiley face.
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Its ok.....I am healed and all better, thanks to Dr. Phil Supertrucker. But ignorant and abusive....That was not nice. I cried a little in my sleep.
I think upsf is the red headed step child of ups.

Sure is. UPS package terminal are nicely done. When i was hired at a EX overnight terminal i was surprised how dirty and nasty the place was. The bathroom was insanely nasty and the break room was a mess and dusty. (SOH)
The only nice part was the front area and the offices..

I went to a UPS package terminal (2 different ones) and it was a different story. NICE and neat. You would think UPS would try to remodel the freight places up alittle.. nothing ground breaking, but make it seem like UPS...

I just don't get how using contractors saves us money?? What, Covenant , GTS and other carriers do it cheaper than our own company?? Pathetic!!!
We're hangin' in there..yeah, morale is low..With shop guys,ltl and truckload..and some office's a shock to go from 2500-3000+ miles a week down to 1400-2000 miles a week..and that's no joke!
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