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Wanting to level the playing field for everyone involved is not ignorance, it’s “brotherly”. That’s where this road vs city garbage starts anyway. The checks for both sides all come from the same pot.
I'm pretty sure this argument has been put forth on these boards several times before. City guys, paid from the second they punch in. Home in their own bed every night. Have to fight off crazy city four wheelers all day. It's a real job. Road drivers, except perhaps the top 15 percent, work at night run long distances to God knows where. Almost every company has some type of deal where road drivers give the company 30 minutes or 1 hour or more to the company for free whenever they are stopped. And as stated sometimes working 6 days a week with no OT. Someone making your argument has never spent any time running the line and dealing with all the delights that job presents. Want to make " the big money" go on the road. This an old story let's move on.
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