VIDEO: Couple in pickup hauling trailer say that I-70 pothole caused dangerous crash




Dash cam video shows a wild crash involving a pickup truck hauling a camper trailer that motorists say was caused by a pothole.

The video was captured by a Tesla following the pickup on eastbound I-70 headed into Denver near Loveland Ski Area.

In the dash cam clip, you can see the pickup suddenly veering out of control across both lanes of the interstate as the trailer rolls. The pickup eventually comes to a stop facing the wrong way on I-70.

No major injuries were reported.

While the pickup occupants tried to explain to the Colorado State Patrol (CSP) that a large pothole caused them to lose control, KDVR reports that Las Vegas resident Thomas Kuemmel was cited for careless driving.

The outlet reports that I-70 in the area of the crash was closed by the Colorado Department of Transportation two days after the crash to repair a pothole, but it wasn’t clear if the pothole repaired was the one the allegedly caused the pickup to crash.

Check out the dash cam video below.

#Pothole from Hell. Driver in #Colorado says it caused his #camper #trailer to bounce out of control. Said “I thought I was going to die” Near @LovelandSkiArea on I-70 @KDVR @channel2kwgn

— Vicente Arenas (@vicentearenastv) March 9, 2023

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this picture of the pothole, from that crash,

vividly reminds me of the time i was crossing the old Tappen Zee Bridge in NY, and i could see the Hudson River had to be the scariest thing i had ever seen driving a truck. the very next day, the road crews had installed a huge steel plate over that hole.

one would think that with all the highway dept trucks, driving in the area, including stupidvisors in their pick ups, would have seen that huge pothole, either back in NY, or there in CO.....

like an old saying.."nothing gets done till someone gets killed".........rings so true of the inept morons on the job....