Estes | Weather: Something We Never Do On Here...


Hero's Falling At Home
Let's make a "forever page" for Weather... Something we have not done on here... Posts your home terminal weather report, regardless of whether it's going to be perfect weather or bad weather......

Please, if you know in advance, post terminals that will be closing, it helps others communicate with their terminals that may not know.... You guys know how Richmond likes to keep things a secret....

Please, no joking around.. Make it honest, we have drivers on here that have never driven on snow or ice, so let's help each other...

For Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee and Mississippi, some freezing rain and mostly rain for the next two days... Central Arkansas and Tennessee will see freezing rain and roads may be icy... You can put your city or the city you are in, in the zip or city box.. Drive Safe everyone..
Around the Asheville NC area the temperature is around 40 it has rained about all day by the morning they are saying that there will a possible chance of wet snow and temperatures will be close to freezing so be careful out there.
It was icy cold in Jemez Springs NM this morning but later on in the day the wife and I made up.
Around the Asheville NC area it has had a light snow fall this morning but roads seem to be mostly wet but it's not going to be to warm so there maybe some slick spots later this evening seems east of Asheville NC just wet west of just a wet slush gorge is mostly wet into Tennessee everyone be careful out there.
Invite your friends from other companies to use this if you like, we don't mind... Remember, we're all out here on the highways together...We'll make this baby worldwide....
Dallas is shut down. It's supposed to hit Little Rock at midnight and Memphis around 6 AM. Looks like I got a 4 day weekend.

I don't think Monday is suppose to be any better.. Looks like another round is on the way... I hope not... I thought I left that crap behind years ago..LOL
Ok...Tulsa to Lawton, 16* snowpack and ice, I just lived it, all 14 hrs of it.

Actually we got nailed, the southern part of the state got an ice storm, central and north got snow, every direction I went the plows were going the other, story of my friggin life, this whole night has me in a bad mood.