What happens if someone fail or refuse a DOT drug or alcohol test?

Unfortunately they set a precedent instead of one life time chance which "I agree with" it turns into many more chances and now they have to give it to everyone or they can file a lawsuit.
The people who do things like;
Violate company policy, including drugs and alcohol
Violate state and federal rules, or laws
Commit theft of time
File frivolous work comp claims
Constantly use verbal abuse, and harassment towards others,
Are all things that contribute to poor union membership’s moral, and image.
The only precedent here is protecting people who do not represent themselves or the Union well.
35 years ago I was a manager. I had to fire a driver because HIS sample showed HE was pregnant. He had used his wife's urine. Worse, he had had a vasectomy years before. Talk about having a bad day!!!

As a truck stop attorney, I would have advised this driver to , blame the manager for a setup, demand a retest
and go on one of those flakey TV Shows.
This must have been a high lite of your managing career
Hi There,

I'm new in the driving field so please let me know about the Dot Drug or alcohol test and what happens if I fail or refuse a DOT test.


It varies from employer to employer
They are ultimately responsible because you are under their insurance policy. Many will fire on the spot but some have a rehab / second chance program on failed samples.

A refusal will end up as a double negative on you. 1) your employer can fire you 2) your next applied job could refuse to hire you and this does include non driving jobs
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