SEFL | What has become of this company

If you work as a manager in a trucking company, a college degree is useless.
These fools who think a degree means something are clueless. To me it means you took 4 years off from the real world and went into 100k debt for nothing .
More than likely a degree that is irrelevant to trucking as well. Probably fine arts or band.
The trucking industry is changing it appears. If it gets to where they dont want to pay the drivers for their sacrifices they make to do this job i see a lot just walking away. If im not going to get paid decent id just rather work a factory or mill or even a dock. We make decent for a reason but you are right these entitled laptop jockeys think we dont deserve it. I say stick them behind the wheel for a month and then get back with us.
Can’t put them behind a wheel. None of them have every drove. Most are barely old enough to buy liquor.
Exactly. In Little Rock these college kids are clueless. They have screwed routes up so bad. But they still got some of the older hands and mentors that need to be walking around with a breath mint from kissing so much butt. But will be the 1st ones to score them a 1 on sdi. It’s sickening. Maybe it’ll change after the next sdi.
SDI is meaningless now. There used to be meetings and processes to make a difference. Now it seems all scores get thrown in the trash and no one reads the comments