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What is Shuttle driving like at Averitt?


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Well... things didn't go off completely without a hitch. I will have to train as a city driver for a few weeks before switching to shuttle. Not what I was hoping for but it'll be good for me in the long run and in all honesty, I could use it. If they had offered me this as the original plan I would have still jumped on it.

All in all, Orientation was something else. So well organized and professionally done. How they handled everything logistically with flights, lodging, transportation, the whole itinerary... It would be impressive for any company to put something like this together and have it go so smoothly, but for a trucking company? None of us could compare it to anything else we've seen in the industry.

What is Shuttle driving like at Averitt?

Give me a few more weeks than I thought and I'll let you know...
When I hired on at age 19 I told them I wanted to be a Shuttle driver. Of course I understood I would have to wait until age 21 to even drive. Then after getting qualified to drive AE wouldn't allow me to run Shuttle because of no experience. So City was my only option. Ran it for 7 years, loved interacting with the customers but my family needed more money for the wife to be a stay at home. Just be super cautious and listen to the trainer even if you already know the lessons he is teaching.


Of course you will have an how hard can that be...couldn’t resist :)

The road test was the first time I drove an auto. Backing up was weird. I had no feel for the speed control on it.

For future Orientation-ers: They used Volvo sleepers and took you through the winding roads of bustling Cookeville. Only one tight turn to speak of. Don't worry about it.


Looks like I'll need to start adjusting my sleep schedule this weekend.

I completed my five weeks of training in the city and spent this past week running my trainer's P&D route while he was on vacation. I will be switching to Shuttle on Monday night.

It's a meet and turn - Milwaukee to Indianapolis area - so I will be home every day. It's a new run that was just added so we'll be doing a re-bid and I imagine someone else will grab it. Likely scenario is I will end up on what seems to be the least desired run - a double or triple flip to Chicago with the occasional Indy area meet and turn.

All our other shutttles are KY and TN layovers as far as I know and we have about 12 shuttle drivers. Only the Nashville run is a sleeper because there isn't a decent motel available.

City work here is busy but easy, at least on my trainer's route. Nearly everything is dock or tail unload. The occasional residential deliveries - like today's kayak, for instance - have been nothing two people couldn't handle safely.

There is NO micro-managing. I left with my deliveries and the pickups were sent to the Qualcomm. I hardly ever needed to call dispatch and they left me alone to do my job. I didn't miss a delivery or pick the whole week.

The tractors are a bit long in the tooth but the trailers are in excellent shape. The Service Center is clean if bare bones compared to the ones down South. We have our docks, a breakroom, and a shower and that's about it.

I love it here and am 100% confident I made the right decision.